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Runners Briefing

The slides from the runners briefing are now available. Head on over to the runners section, and scroll down to the bottom.

3 weeks

As the days pass, we get closer and closer to race day.

Things are really starting to heat up at IB HQ. Whilst you are all training, and planning your weekend out at End Point, we are busily working behind the scenes to make sure everything is in place for the event itself.

Stay tuned for scrutineering times, and information about the runners and volunteers briefing in the next week.

Happy Running y'all!

2015 Inward Bound Rules

The rules for the 2015 Inward Bound have been finalised. Please ensure all runners, volunteers, coaches and college coordinators familiarise themselves with the rules. The rules can be found here.

Runners Registration

The 2015 Inward Bound Runners Registration is now up and running.

It is a requirement that this form is filled out before taking part in both Inward Bound and the Paddy Pallin Rogaine, as such the committee strong advises all potential IB runners to fill out the form, and to do so early.

The link to the Runners Registration can be found in the menu, or by clicking here.

IB and the NSW State Election

This year, the Inward Bound event and the NSW State Election fall on the same day. If you are thinking about running, volunteering, or intending to spend the day at End Point as a spectator, please consider making prior voting arrangements. For more information on alternate ways to vote, please go to

2015 Paddy Pallin Rogaine

The 2015 Paddy Pallin Rogaine, hosted by the ACT Rogaining Association, will take place on 28th February 2015. It is strongly recommened that all potential IB runners take part in the rogaine. Please remember that all teams must have two qualified navigators. For more information in regards to navigator requirements, please click here.

Inward Bound 2015 Committee

Would you like to get a behind the scenes look into the organising of the most prestigeous sporting event at the ANU, Inward Bound? 

We are now accepting committee applications for the 2015 committee. If you would like to be involved, then fill out this spreadsheet, and we'll be in touch!

Happy Running!!!

Inward Bound 2015 Date!

It's been a little quiet on the home front, whilst we busily work behind the scenes to bring you IB15. So for all of those looking for just ten seconds of time out from your studies, we have a treat for you! The IB date has been set so you can jump up from your desk, and circle you 2015 calendars. March 27th is the big day, where we send teams off, and trek out to End Point on the 28th! So start planning your training schedules, call your runners to arms, and get prepped! The weekend of the 27th-28th will be the biggest of the ANU Sporting calendar next year! 

2015 Race Director Nominations Open

Have you run IB before? Do you want to see the event from the other side? Do you have experience with organisation? Do you want to be challenged? But most importantly, do you want to have fun?

If you have answered yes to the above questions, then this opportunity is definitely for you! Preparations for the IB2015 need to start within the month, and we need someone to lead a team, and bring the 53rd IB to frutition. Applications are due 9am Tuesday May 6, so head on over to the ANU Sport website, and have a think about what you could bring to the event, and what the event could do for you!

Being Race Director is an incredibly rewarding experience, and you'll have an absolutely phenomenal time! And if you don't believe me, just talk to any of the Race Directors of the past, they will say the same!

2014 Race Results

Congratulations to every runner, volunteer and spectator! Overall, the 2014 Inward Bound was a huge success, and it was absolutely fantastic to see ADFA once again part of this great event!

We had a great turnout at the prize-giving on Monday evening, where B&G claimed the Bill Packard trophy for winning Division 1 for the second year in a row, and a massive congratulations to John XXIII for winning the overall event. Results as follows (after adjustments for any penalties*):

Arrival Times Div 1 Div 2 Div 3 Div 4 Div 5 Div 6 Div 7
ADFA DNF    -    -    - 8:39^ 15:41 8:28
Bruce Hall 16:42 DNF 11:11 10:32 12:50^ 23:31* 12:15
Burgmann 15:20 14:43 10:20 12:49* 7:57^ 12:33 12:34
B&G 10:29 16:43 10:10 13:00 17:11^ DQ* 8:44
Fenner 11:47 DNF 14:09 13:55 10:20^ 15:27 DNF
Griffin 12:38 DNF 16:53 14:15 12:15^ 11:23 11:45
Johns XXIII 11:21 18:59 9:06 10:10 7:55^ 19:09 11:02
Unilodge 19:01 20:21 DNF DQ* 9:30^ 12:49 13:40
Ursies DNF 16:47 16:55 DNF 16:55^ 11:29 14:28

Note: Teams who entered prohibited areas (out-of-bounds) were disqualified. It is crucially important that teams obey the out-of-bounds areas as clearly marked on the map. IB did not get permission to use these areas -- it jeapordises your safety and the safety of the event to not obey the course instructions. 

^ Division 5 were all given 13 points due to an out of bounds error made by the committee, and subsequent miscommunications.

This means that the overall points standings for Inward Bound 2014 are as follows:

College Points
1. John XXIII College 100
2. Burgmann College 96
3. B&G Hall  81*
4. Bruce Hall 74
5. Griffin Hall 67*
6. Fenner Hall 65
7. Ursula Hall 60
8. UniLodge 59

Congratulations to everyone who took part!

Altogether, Inward Bound 2014 has been an enormous success. We thank all the organisations who have supported us in making this possible. 

We'd love to hear your feedback -- please compete this quick survey to help to build next year's event:

Thank-you for your support and enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing you again in 2015!

IB Organising Committee 2014
Emily Cheyne, Jack Birtwhistle, Ben Greenwood, Keith Conley, SJ Collum, Nic Dillon, Emma Bayliss, Max Stenstrom and Daniel Willcox